Payment Plans for Health Care

VIP Dental Health Plan

Giving you all the benefits of dental insurance without the cost!

Only $29 per month

Our goal is to provide patients who have no dental insurance coverage with affordable, quality dentistry. With VIP Dental Health Plan, we are able to do so by offering annual memberships with low monthly payments.

Unlike dental insurance coverage, you know exactly what treatments are covered under your plan.

Services included in your plan:
2 dental cleanings a year
2 dental exams a year
All necessary x-rays
Oral cancer exams
Oral health instructions
20% off emergency exams
20% off most services

Who can benefit from membership in VIP Dental Health Plan?

Anyone without dental insurance coverage including:
College students
Great gift for children - grandparents invest in your grandchild's health
Senior citizens
Small business owners
Anyone who wants quality dental health care at an affordable rate

Annual membership in VIP Dental Health Plan makes sense! Save hundreds on included services and plan discounts!

Most insurances have coverage limitations but, with VIP Dental Health Plan, you SAVE MONEY on the procedures you need.
Plans for individuals, families and businesses, plus a plan for those with periodontal disease.

The VIP Health Membership Plan is a one year contract. If termination is requested before the year is complete there is a $250 cancellation fee.

Once the year contract is complete your Membership Plan will auto-renew. You will be notified beforehand and will have the option to opt out if you do not want to continue with your Membership Plan

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